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San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | Steven + Courtney

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some family members tried up set Steven and Courtney up, but being justifiably skeptical of set ups (we all have our disaster stories), a meeting was politely put off. Then as fate would have it Steven and Courtney met on their own, realized who each other were, and ended up kicking it off! I love it when fate intervenes :) It had been a long weekend of shooting for me, but these two were a treat and we got into a groove really quick. They are both so photogenic and you can tell they enjoy spending time together,  and add to it the beauty stylings of my favorite QueensBees team, so my job was easy. This is a handful more than my usual post, but even still I feel like I had to leave so many favorites out!

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Philip + Ruth : part I }

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too many great shots to put all into one shoot so I am breaking this one up into two posts!Ruth and Philip met in their dorms freshman year at UCLA. Since then, everything they do together has been a while lotta fun for these two – which is what we really wanted to capture in these shots. They both are very active and  surf, snorkel, fish and all things ocean, and  enjoy traveling (ruth got her fantastic bracelets on their most recent explorations around South America) and taking pictures too.  Their wedding is just a few days away in Big Sur, CA. Can’t wait!

San Fransisco Engagement Shoot | { John + Eileen }

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

its always a  bit nerve wracking shooting  in an unknown location. this San Fransisco day couldn’t have been any prettier though shedding gorgeous soft light around every corner making my job really easy. Add to that that John and Eileen are playful together and easy  in front of the camera and I was instantly comfortable. this first shot is one  of the very first out of the camera – I was in for a real San Fransisco treat! So looking forward to your wedding in  September!

Paso Robles, CA Engagement Shoot | { Nate + Leah }

Monday, April 25, 2011

I <3 these two. Leah you are a doll (and Nate what ever the masculine version of that is) and we had such a great time with you both. I could gush on about what a great couple you are, but I’ll resist and just get the images up because I know you are excited to see them! Enjoy :) and once again, shout out to the Queensbees for coming in clutch on hair and makeup.

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Montecito, CA Engagement Shoot | Tom + Tracy

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Im really starting to think that there is something to this E Harmony business… we have had a handful of couples that have  been set up that way and they have been some of my favorites!! Tom and Tracy could be a poster story for them (maybe I should send in some of these images for their PR!), they are a perfect fit. Tom is funny and Tracy has an amazing laugh- a great combo- and they both are so sweet and thoughtful towards each other. Tracy is someone who you can hear smiling ear to ear even over the phone and she was so enthusiastic about her wedding and her shoot- it was contagious! We did this shoot in Montecito a week before their wedding, so check back soon for that!

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Bo + Britt : 2 }

Friday, April 8, 2011

Part two. I really like these two, was happy to meet up with them again for some shots around good ol’ SLO. Bo and Britt met at a Eddie Money concert at Downtown Brew, so we started there… the rest is history :)

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Bo+Brittney }

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

After spending an evening unsuccesfully getting up the courage to talk to Brittney at an Eddie Money concert in downtown San Luis Obispo, Bo finally came up to her and announced, “I’m going to get you to like me.” And he did. And in 7 months they are going to make it official and  tie the know at one of my favorite venues, Santa Margarita Ranch. They planned a whole picnic for their engagement shoot on Terrace Hill, overlooking San Luis Obispo. Between all the fun props they setup and their great  wardrobe and comfortability in front of the camera, all I had to do was show up and make sure I took my lens cap off!

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Los Angeles Engagement Shoot | { Troy + Brooke }

Monday, March 7, 2011

i have been rooting for these two love birds for a while and so am really excited to share these snap shots. brooke was my roommate and best friend through out college. she was a back east girl to the bone, an entirely new level of femininity that I had never encountered in my california upbringing. we couldn’t have been more different but were instant friends when we met in the dorms. over our four years together, we saw each other through our fair share of romantic escapades and disasters coming home after dates and bearing all. she is all pink, pearls, pencil skirts on the outside, but brooke is a strong woman who has both style and smarts. quite the uncatchable catch. When troy came into the picture, we all knew brooke had met her match. he was smart, funny, charming, and sharp as a tac but had an extra super power up his sleeve that was going to be necessary to win brooke over… persistence and determination :) I am so excited for both of them and was more than happy to get a couple shots of them and of troy doing what he does best, making brooke laugh.

Santa Barbara Engagement Shoot | { Dallin & Kelli }

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kelli waited patiently for months throwing out hints to Dallin that she wanted to transition their friendship into dating. She was sure he must have noticed and just wasn’t interested. Classic boy though, he had no idea. It all worked out for the best though. I remember seeing them when they first started dating. They were so adorably affectionate  and flirty. I got out of touch until they called me about engagement picts. It was amazing to see that they still had that same level of enthusiasm about being together. Friends make the best couples, don’t you agree?

engagement shoot, sky scape, cross processed, bluffs, santa barbara, fine art pictureseskimo kisses, flirty fun, yellow cardigan, engagement, young and in love yellow cardigan, polka dots, laying in grass, santa barbara engagement shoot

Engagement Shoot | { Tyler + Tammy : World of Fun }

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OLD SCHOOL MAP globes, in love

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | Rory + Angela

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

these two just work. and it was a pleasure to work with them. their baby gus is the cutest to boot! I shot their wedding last weekend and am itching to get to it :)

Malibu Engagement Shoot | { David + Jenn }

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I had such a great afternoon meeting David and Jenn down in Malibu. They are such a relaxed couple and such a great match for eachother :) The best part, is that their wedding is only a couple days away!

Santa Margarita Ranch Engagement Shoot | Dylan + Sasha

Monday, July 12, 2010

Carmel, CA Engagement Shoot | { Ryan + Macharva }

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ryan and Macharva live in Alexandria, Virginia but we met up over Christmas break in Carmel for an engagement shoot at the Carmel Mission. It was so great to finally meet them and Macharva was just as sweet and fun  as I imagined her from our phone conversations! Ryan proposed to her on a trip they took to Italy over Macharva’s birthday. He took her up to a view point of the old city and gave her a scrap book from all their time dating and the last page asked her to marry him – How romantic is that! I am so excited for their wedding this spring and can’t wait to hang out again – in hopefully warmer weather! Thanks for being good sports you two :)

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Chris + Lindsey }

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The hardest part about this shoot was having so many fun ideas and such an open couple and only having one afternoon! The rest was easy though- Chris and Lindsey were fun and flirty and fantastic in front of the camera :) We did some fun portraits (I borrowed the through the lens idea from Jake!) and the last section of pictures we went for a 50’s summer ball-game feel ( a bit of Now and Then nostaglia coming out) Lindsey, of course being Chris’s adoring girl next door fan. Honestly am so excited about this couple, both that they found each other right as they were packing their bags to leave school after Cal Poly graduation, and that I get to shoot their wedding! So looking forward to it :)