Santa Margarita Rnach Wedding | { Nate + Leah }

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chemistry is a funny thing; its undefinable, but also undeniable. Some couple’s just have it. Cue Nate and Leah. They planned a dust-bowl themed celebration at Santa Margarita Ranch, decked out with turn of the century details, decor, and attire. Succulent themed floral designs by Robin at Social Construct Events, and day of coordination by Taffy at All Traditions. Hair and makeup by my favorites, The QueensbeesAlso a special thanks to my assistant extraordinaire Amanda Driver for her work, some of which is featured below.

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    Leah — Sophie! Love love love! You are such a joy to work with. Can’t wait to see the rest!

    Robin — Oh Sophie these are stunning! I wish I could have spoken to you properly at the wedding; these are def. submission worthy (Robin, the florist) :)

    Devon — These pictures are amazing!! And might I add the bride and groom are stunning!!!!!!

    Nate — Sophie, you are a phenom. These are incredible!! Thanks again so much for everything!

    Nate — Also, just realized Sophie drew hearts using the Edison lights in the third-to-last image. Pretty dope!

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