Point 16, Big Sur Wedding | { Philip + Ruth }

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Philip’s vows to his beautiful bride, one of his promises was to always be there to keep her warm. Well, he was immediately put to the test! Rain or shine, these two made merry, and their wedding was a huge success and a beautiful event.  They wedding was a true do-it-yourself event. Philip geniuosly constructed their photobooth, the bridesmaids all made the desserts and carmel apples as guest favors, the flowers were put together by mom’s and aunts, and ruth decorated the tables with personal flare. The ceremony and reception were held at Point 16, in Big Sur and they got ready at the Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins which were both beautiful backdrops with the fog. Most importantly, all of their families and friends were so excited and supportive of this union. They are both amazing friends who have touched many people’s lives and really seem to have a heart for others. enjoy! Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-45 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-42 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-41 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-40 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-37Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-30Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-36 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-35  Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-33 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-32 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-31  Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-29Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-39 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-38Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-23 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-34Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-28 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-27 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-26 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-21Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-22Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-24 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-46Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-25   Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-19 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-18 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-17 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-16 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-15 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-12 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-11 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-10


    ruth & philip — so excited to see these – they really capture the moment! you were wonderful to work with :)

    suzzy — thanks for the nice article.

    Vanco — nice site with good content keep going

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