Paso Robles, CA Engagement Shoot | { Nate + Leah }

Monday, April 25, 2011

I <3 these two. Leah you are a doll (and Nate what ever the masculine version of that is) and we had such a great time with you both. I could gush on about what a great couple you are, but I’ll resist and just get the images up because I know you are excited to see them! Enjoy :) and once again, shout out to theĀ Queensbees for coming in clutch on hair and makeup.

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    Necia — Ahhhhhhhh! the carnival pictures are amazing, I love every single one and the coloring is perfection! What an adorable couple :)

    Leah — Sophie, these photos are beautiful – Nate and I were totally blown away! Not only are you awesome, creative, and lots of fun, but you’re incredibly talented as well. Looking forward to working with you on the big day!

    fg — aaaa ah. so lovely. soon, the wedding!

    Reeda — Hot digity dog I am in love

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