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San Fransisco Engagement Shoot | { John + Eileen }

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

its always a  bit nerve wracking shooting  in an unknown location. this San Fransisco day couldn’t have been any prettier though shedding gorgeous soft light around every corner making my job really easy. Add to that that John and Eileen are playful together and easy  in front of the camera and I was instantly comfortable. this first shot is one  of the very first out of the camera – I was in for a real San Fransisco treat! So looking forward to your wedding in  September!

Paso Robles, CA Engagement Shoot | { Nate + Leah }

Monday, April 25, 2011

I <3 these two. Leah you are a doll (and Nate what ever the masculine version of that is) and we had such a great time with you both. I could gush on about what a great couple you are, but I’ll resist and just get the images up because I know you are excited to see them! Enjoy :) and once again, shout out to the Queensbees for coming in clutch on hair and makeup.

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Montecito, CA Engagement Shoot | Tom + Tracy

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Im really starting to think that there is something to this E Harmony business… we have had a handful of couples that have  been set up that way and they have been some of my favorites!! Tom and Tracy could be a poster story for them (maybe I should send in some of these images for their PR!), they are a perfect fit. Tom is funny and Tracy has an amazing laugh- a great combo- and they both are so sweet and thoughtful towards each other. Tracy is someone who you can hear smiling ear to ear even over the phone and she was so enthusiastic about her wedding and her shoot- it was contagious! We did this shoot in Montecito a week before their wedding, so check back soon for that!

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Bo + Britt : 2 }

Friday, April 8, 2011

Part two. I really like these two, was happy to meet up with them again for some shots around good ol’ SLO. Bo and Britt met at a Eddie Money concert at Downtown Brew, so we started there… the rest is history :)