Los Angeles Engagement Shoot | { Troy + Brooke }

Monday, March 7, 2011

i have been rooting for these two love birds for a while and so am really excited to share these snap shots. brooke was my roommate and best friend through out college. she was a back east girl to the bone, an entirely new level of femininity that I had never encountered in my california upbringing. we couldn’t have been more different but were instant friends when we met in the dorms. over our four years together, we saw each other through our fair share of romantic escapades and disasters coming home after dates and bearing all. she is all pink, pearls, pencil skirts on the outside, but brooke is a strong woman who has both style and smarts. quite the uncatchable catch. When troy came into the picture, we all knew brooke had met her match. he was smart, funny, charming, and sharp as a tac but had an extra super power up his sleeve that was going to be necessary to win brooke over… persistence and determination :) I am so excited for both of them and was more than happy to get a couple shots of them and of troy doing what he does best, making brooke laugh.

    Flo Rieder — Sweet! I feel the love.

    Grandma Karen — Hi Mike; These are georgeous photos of my Grandaughter Brooke and her Cowboy Troy. I am trying to copy them to my photos. You take beautiful pics. I hope to meet you at the wedding. I know you and Brooke are special friends….. They surely are in love…….So happy for them. I loved your words about them. They are so true. Grandma Karen Gaughan

    Lynda Rieder — Sophie, you truly captured the essense of Brooke and Troy…Love your work! Also loved your commentary-it brought back memories of your college days together! Thanks so much for the gorgeous- natural and spontaneous shots you got of Brooke and Troy. I love your photographic style! You have a gift and I wish you much success in what I am sure will be a fulfilling career for you!

    Debbie Fatkin — The pictures are fabulous! What a beautiful couple!

    Diane Aull — What absolutely beautiful photos. Looks like another match made in heaven. Linda, Brook could be your twin especially when you look at her profile.

    Judy Mercatili — Absolutely stunning!!!!!

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