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Published | Grey Likes {Rob and Kelley} Weddings

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kelley and Rob have never been much for convention, and so it was only fitting that their wedding day reflected that. There are no rules or necessary budgets for throwing a fantastic celebration! Want proof? read on in the feature by Grey Likes Weddings up today!!!

Thank you so much to notoriously fantastic Summer Watkins, the editor of Grey Likes Weddings for her enthusiasm and always impeccable taste that she shares with all of us! For more of my favorite images from Rob and Kelley’s, check out their full blog post here

Santa Barbara Engagement Shoot | { Dallin & Kelli }

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kelli waited patiently for months throwing out hints to Dallin that she wanted to transition their friendship into dating. She was sure he must have noticed and just wasn’t interested. Classic boy though, he had no idea. It all worked out for the best though. I remember seeing them when they first started dating. They were so adorably affectionate  and flirty. I got out of touch until they called me about engagement picts. It was amazing to see that they still had that same level of enthusiasm about being together. Friends make the best couples, don’t you agree?

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Portrait | Sammy

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

when you send me an email there is a 50% chance you will here back from me, the other 50% is my right hand {wo}man Samantha Kelly Knorr. Sound sneaky? well not so much when you meet us and realize that we are pretty much the same person anyways. No one can tell us apart when we are sitting at the computer, somedays we show up wearing the same outfit, and we are interested in and opinionated on all the same subjects. She is also a fellow (and might I add amazing) photographer, definitely check her out here ! here are a couple “any tuesday” bio shots of her. just a rockstar with a camera.

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Vendor Spotlight | Valentines Day Rush!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th sneak up you? Never fear! Last year one of my besties, Daniel Kiyoi (i feel so privileged I get to call him a friend, I feel more like a fan of his sometimes!) set flight to another one of his brilliant endeavors – digital stationary designs. He cofounded and creates designs for a new website/blog – PAPERPLAYNE– that is perfect for anyone like me (its 11:10 and I just thought up a scheme to have a little Valentine’s Day surprise notes ready for my little sisters to find on their way out to school in the morning). Too late to go to the store, or just want something with a handmade touch but are not handy with design programs or scissors? All you need is a printer and you can buy their nifty designs with instructions for how to put them together into a quick (semi)homemade sussie. For all of you who planed ahead, pat your self on the back and still go visit the site- there fantastic ideas, finds, stationary, and decorations for all occasions.

Here is a bit in their own words about how PaperPlayne works: “{they} discovered the need for digital designs & stationary. They are pioneers in the growing demand for DIY (do it yourself) projects among people who are busy but still desire to be creative. All Paper Playne designs are ready made, but still allow for that special hand-made touch!”

Personal, Portrait | Sissy Sussies

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i have never been an overly sentimental person… i never kept movie tickets from dates or froze corsages from prom in the freezer, and i long ago lost track of my childhood teddy bear. but get me talking about my little sisters and i well up with tears every time. i love these two girls more than anything. They came with me to help on a shoot last month and they let me borrow them as lighting testers. Sissy Sussies-4Sissy Sussies-1 Sissy Sussies-3 Sissy Sussies-2