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Chamonix, France Wedding | {Andy + Mary}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Mary is from California, and Andy is from Austrailia. Fate brought the two of them together in Geneva Switzerland. They both came from different sides of the globe, but its crazy to think that these two would not be together. Their relationship is so natural and there is so much chemistry and mutual admiration. Its obvious why Andy was attracted to Mary, she’s gorgeous! but she’s also smart, ambitious, adventurous, funny, and incredibly thoughtful. Andy was charming, witty, handsome, and so obviously in love.


In an additional twist of fate, Mary was the maid of honor at the same wedding that I met my Bobby at. So we traveled out there together and made a whole European tour out of it. Although both of us barely knew Mary and hadn’t yet met Andy, we instantly felt welcomed as old friends and by them and their families. Because it was a destination wedding, nestled in the french alps, it was a smaller group and a very intimate event. I was thrilled to be there and get to be a prat of their day and celebrate with them – they even got a tear or two out of me during their vows :) Thanks so much Mary and Andy for everything!

chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-1 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-3chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-14chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-17chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-10chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-11chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-7chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-6chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-9chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-2  chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-4 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-5chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-31 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-32chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-16chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-12         chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-18 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-19 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-20 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-22 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-23 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-24 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-25 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-26 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-27 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-28 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-29 chamonix_France_Destination_wedding-30

San Luis Obispo Mission Wedding | { John + Eileen }

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding | Pismo Beach, CA The Cliffs Resort { Alan + Ashley }

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pismo Wedding Photography
Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-14 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-15 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-16 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-17
Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-19 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-20Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-24Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-25Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-27 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-28 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-29Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-31Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-411Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-33Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-35Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-340
Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-36 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-37 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-38 Cliffs_Pismo_Wedding_Pink_Grey_Sophie_Photography-39

Cass Winery Wedding | { Tyler + Tammy }

Monday, September 26, 2011

When Tyler first laid eyes on Tammy, she was sitting at a table with a group of other guys. Undaunted, Tyler came up and asked her to dance.  Some times big rewards mean big risks… its seems like it all worked out well :) They both are quite the catch and it was one of my weddings that I felt privileged to attend and get to see their relationship in action.  This was my first wedding at Cass Winery which was an amazingly photogenic venue (and the fabulous get-a-way car comes with it!) Tammy’s flawless makeup and hair done by the fabulous Queensbees team who never fail to amaze me with their talent and class!

Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-1 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-4 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-3Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-13 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-12 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-11 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-10 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-9 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-14Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-8 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-7Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-16Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-15Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-6Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-5Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-26Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-17Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-19Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-18   Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-21Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-22  Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-23Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-25Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-1  Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-37 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-29  Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-27Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-36 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-35 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-34 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-2Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-33 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-32 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-31 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-30 Cass_Winery_Wedding_Larson_Photo-38

Summerland, CA Engagement Shoot | { Ben + Lindsey }

Friday, September 2, 2011

Earlier this day Ben officially proposed to Lindsey (my best friends little sister) here on Summerland Beach,  so it was perfect that we had planned a beach shoot there that afternoon. You Pike ladies are all so fun in front of the camera :) Im so happy for you two! Congrats

sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-25 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-1 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-2 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-3 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-4 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-5 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-6 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-7 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-8 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-9  sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-11 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-12 sophie_vintage_beach_engagement_shoot-13

Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding | { Joe & Jen }

Thursday, September 1, 2011

This wedding had an allstar lineup. A fantastic venue, Santa Margarita Ranch. A fabulous florist, Corinne at Panacea Event Floral Design. Amazing beats and lights provided by Kramer Entertainment. Plates full of savories from the never to be out done Trumpet Vine Catering. And the whole day smoothly choreographed by Allison O’Hagan Event Coordination & Design. Add all that to a glamourus wedding party and guest list and an really sweet couple. This was an amazing day to celebrate an amazing couple were very obviously in love and ready to have a good time :)

special thanks to my assisting team, Kyle and Meagan Wollet, couldn’t do it without you, plus it’d be way less fun :)


Point 16, Big Sur Wedding | { Philip + Ruth }

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Philip’s vows to his beautiful bride, one of his promises was to always be there to keep her warm. Well, he was immediately put to the test! Rain or shine, these two made merry, and their wedding was a huge success and a beautiful event.  They wedding was a true do-it-yourself event. Philip geniuosly constructed their photobooth, the bridesmaids all made the desserts and carmel apples as guest favors, the flowers were put together by mom’s and aunts, and ruth decorated the tables with personal flare. The ceremony and reception were held at Point 16, in Big Sur and they got ready at the Big Sur Campgrounds and Cabins which were both beautiful backdrops with the fog. Most importantly, all of their families and friends were so excited and supportive of this union. They are both amazing friends who have touched many people’s lives and really seem to have a heart for others. enjoy! Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-45 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-42 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-41 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-40 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-37Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-30Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-36 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-35  Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-33 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-32 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-31  Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-29Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-39 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-38Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-23 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-34Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-28 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-27 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-26 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-21Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-22Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-24 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-46Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-25   Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-19 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-18 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-17 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-16 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-15 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-12 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-11 Point_16_Wedding_Big_Sur_Sophie_Murdoch-10

chamonix, france Engagement Shoot | { Andy + Mary }

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

more to come on this couple and my adventures when I post their wedding next week {spoil alert : its gonna be good}…. for now ill let the images speak for themselves :) chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-8 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-9  chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-7 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-6 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-11chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-5 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-4 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-3 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-2 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-16 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-15 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-14 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-13 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-12chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-10chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-1 chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-17chamonix-france-engagement-shoot-18

San Luis Obispo, CA Engagement Shoot | {Billy + Trisha}

Friday, July 22, 2011

This is going to be a whirlwind post that really could be two or three seperate ones, but here it goes… Trisha was very enthusiastic about her pictures and the two of us went back and forth several times dreaming up fun ideas.  The shoot surpassed my imagination though. Everything came together perfectly. First of all she is a fashionista with fabulous fun outfits, her hair and makeup all polished and prettied by the Queens Bees team who I will never run out of praise for. Then the two of them incorporated a handful of fun personal elements, their dog, beach cruisers, signs, and my personal favorite… their favorite food, fried chicken! Luckily they were sweet enough to let my (wonderfully helpful might i add) assistant Katie and I have a nibble or two while we shot  :) I hope you both had as much fun as we did. Can’t wait to see what you put together for the wedding this fall!

Half Moon Bay, CA Engagement Shoot | Dominic + Katie

Thursday, July 14, 2011

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Toby + Emily }

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To say I am excited about this couple and this post would not do them justice. I love meeting all my couples and hearing about their love stories, but this is a love story that I got to watch first hand! Emily has become one of my dearest friends over the last couple years I was there when Emily and Toby first connected. It really was love at first sight. It was so fun watching them fall for each other and always get Emily’s excited updates about how stuff was going and getting to see them interact. Toby is so smitten with his beautiful bride to be and I know Emily is thrilled to have found the man of her dreams. I am honored to get to be part of their bridal party this Sunday! Hope you both love these shots :)  Can’t wait to do more of you two

Hillsborough, CA Wedding | { Ryan + Macharva }

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

After a couple hours of shooting some clients smiles start to freeze and need to start stretching out their cheeks. Not Macharva, She’s  used to it smiling all day :)  She and Ryan seem to have a fairy tale sort of relationship which is perfect since their wedding had a very whimsical fairy tale sort of feel. Bright flowers decorating a beautiful garden  ceremony and then a formal ballroom reception at the Hillsborough Racket Club.  It was so fun to see Ryan let loose on the dance floor for a surprise Grease rendition too!

Engagement Shoot | Philip + Ruth part II

Friday, June 24, 2011

some more fun shots of ruth and philip, just hanging out on a coffee date at Kreuzberg coffee shop downtown SLO. Their wedding pictures will be following soon!!!

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | Steven + Courtney

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Some family members tried up set Steven and Courtney up, but being justifiably skeptical of set ups (we all have our disaster stories), a meeting was politely put off. Then as fate would have it Steven and Courtney met on their own, realized who each other were, and ended up kicking it off! I love it when fate intervenes :) It had been a long weekend of shooting for me, but these two were a treat and we got into a groove really quick. They are both so photogenic and you can tell they enjoy spending time together,  and add to it the beauty stylings of my favorite QueensBees team, so my job was easy. This is a handful more than my usual post, but even still I feel like I had to leave so many favorites out!

San Luis Obispo Engagement Shoot | { Philip + Ruth : part I }

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too many great shots to put all into one shoot so I am breaking this one up into two posts!Ruth and Philip met in their dorms freshman year at UCLA. Since then, everything they do together has been a while lotta fun for these two – which is what we really wanted to capture in these shots. They both are very active and  surf, snorkel, fish and all things ocean, and  enjoy traveling (ruth got her fantastic bracelets on their most recent explorations around South America) and taking pictures too.  Their wedding is just a few days away in Big Sur, CA. Can’t wait!